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“Is my partner cheating?” There are lots of signs to watch out for. Luckily, sometimes the signs turn out to be nothing at all. But, sometimes they end up being something much, much bigger than you originally anticipated. So read this to get you prepared for what’s coming ahead.
Here are the 10 great signs to identify a cheating husband.

1. Increased or Decreased Desire for Sex
An extreme increase in desire for sex can indicate feelings of guilt or shame that your spouse is trying to cover up and overcompensate for. On the other end of the spectrum, a huge decrease in sex (beyond the normal ups and downs experienced in a relationship) could mean that your partner is getting it from someone else.

2. Not Being at Home as Often
A major decrease in your spouse’s physical presence at home or with you could indicate that they are spending more time with someone else or that they’ve lost interest in spending time with you. You may find that they are spending more hours “at work”, going on more business vacations, or claim they want to blow off steam without you.

3. Lack of Emotional Presence
If your spouse suddenly seems cold or aloof and it’s not their norm, then they could already be cheating or at least on their way to cheating on you. This is what a cheating spouse will do in order to separate themselves and not feel guilt over their actions. It helps them compartmentalize what they’re doing so that they feel they don’t have the shadow of consequence falling over them.

4. Appearance Suddenly Becomes Very Important
If, out of nowhere, your spouse suddenly becomes obsessed with their looks and begins going to the gym all of the time, wearing more cologne or perfume than usual, and generally spending more time on their appearance than is normal for them, they are exhibiting a major red flag. Keep in mind though, that if they’re trying to include you in their new endeavors, it may be more benign than anything. If you’re not getting invited to the gym with them, or they’re going to work and suddenly, when they never cared before, begin paying special attention to grooming, you might want to watch them closely.

5. Being More Nice Than Usual or Constantly Nit Picking
Some spouses may feel so much guilt, that they are more nice to you than usual, buying you gifts, making you dinner, complimenting you. On the other hand, some partners handle their guilt by hiding it under a mask of meanness, constantly nit picking everything you do and treating you as if everything you do makes them angry.

6. Accusing You of Being a Cheater When Confronted
If, after being confronted, they accuse you of being a cheater, they are most likely trying to shift the focus from themselves. They might also, even without being confronted, suddenly start accusing you of being a cheater without any reasoning or facts to back it, especially if you haven’t done anything different than you always have. In many cheaters minds, they think, “If it’s so easy for me to cheat, then my spouse must be doing it too!”

7. Cellphone Habits
Walking away from you when they get a call, erasing their search history and their texts and suddenly receiving texts and calls from a friend more than normal, could all indicate signs of cheating. If your partner is especially sensitive about their phone and freaks out if you ask about it, or won’t let you near it, they might as well be waving a giant red flag around in the air with the words, “I’m most likely cheating on you!”

8. Social Media
Constantly changing their social media passwords, using profile pictures that make them appear single and hiding photos of you and them is an almost sure sign that they are either looking to cheat on you or in the process of cheating. Additionally, if they are extremely secretive about letting you see their inbox or who they chat with, you might want to start doing a bit of detective work to determine what’s really going on.

9. Sudden Increase in Social Activity
If your spouse who is typically an introvert suddenly has lots of “new friends” or one “new friend” that they spend a lot of time with (and you haven’t met them), then you may want to start paying attention to how much time they spend away and how often they begin to do this. Something else to watch out for is “girls/boys” nights out, vacation with “the guys” or “the girls” etc. Confront them and ask them why you can’t go, usually there is not much of a reasonable explanation they’ll be able to provide you with. It’s at that moment that you may want to consider having a talk, or possibly hiring a private investigator.

10. You Have a Gut Feeling
Following your instincts is an age-old practice, and still proves useful today. You don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to have “gut feelings”. It’s hard to peg where it comes from. Some call it premonition; others call it reading your environment very well. Whatever you believe, remember that gut feelings exist for a reason. They’re rarely out of nowhere, and should be listened to when necessary.

If it turns out that your spouse is having an affair, understand that you are not to blame for the cheating. Similarly, you need to realize that the person sleeping with your spouse should not be blamed either. Only your spouse has control of their own actions.

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