28 Secret Things Women Love But Will Never Tell You

Hey guys, here are the 28 secret things women love but will never tell you

1. We love your deodorant, it's very attractive, not like what we see in advertisements but yes, it works like magic for us.

2. You look extremely cute while sleeping and your voice sound too sexy just after you wake up.

3. How you walk and how you carry your clothes matters a lot.

4.You can cry, there is nothing wrong with it

5. Our dad is always our first hero, we seek the image of our dad in you.

6. We love it when you play with your eyes, those cute expressions when you raise your eyebrows, we love them.

7. We love your attention, sometimes we aren't comfortable with our dresses and heels but we do it for you.

8. Like you stare at girls, we too stare at boys, in fact, better than you.

9. Not every girl will ask you to choose between your mom and her, so don't worry.

10. We love tall guys(exceptions are there).

11. We find it cute when you are unable to make eye contact with us just because you have a crush on us.

12. We know you fear to get *friend zoned * and *brother-zoned* and we also feel bad for you when your love is only one-sided but if we say we don't love you, we mean it.

13. We too want to be self-dependent, we just seek the support of society to go ahead.

14. We already know that you are in love with us but we just wait for you to initiate.

15. We love it when you pull us closer by holding our waist.

16. We know how to turn you *hard*, but we need a lot of time to get aroused.

17. We know how we look, still, we ask you because we love it when you appreciate our beauty.

18. Even when we are in love with you, we hate many things that you do but we will never tell you.

19. We can't look like those hot Hollywood actresses, whom you fantasize about.

20. Hold us from behind, we love it. We love standing on our toes to kiss you.

21. Soft passionate kiss on the neck can turn us ON.

22. We intentionally become childish in front of you.

23. We respect, when you are firm enough to make commitments, we start distancing ourselves when you try to run away from commitments.

24. We aren't dumb to understand your hints but we love it when you keep trying.

25. You can't sacrifice with your self-respect, so can't we.

26. We understand that you have got so many responsibilities on your shoulder but we too have lots of responsibilities.

27. Not all men are bad, it's like we had some bad experience that's why we don't trust you easily.

28. Sometimes we are badly hurt by your words, but we absorb everything and give a smile because we care for our relationship 

There are many things we don't tell you but
Dear men,
We respect you a lot and we want you to respect us. Both male and female together make this society, let's walk hand in hand, you take a step, we'll take another. This journey will be more beautiful!

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Credits: Pragya Sarwaiya
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