30 Most Effective Ways To Fight Depression by Shovan Chowdhury

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I have been suffering from depression for the last 15 years. I deal with depression by these ways-
  1. I meditate every morning.
  2. I try to motivate people to work hard and get rid of depression. It really helps them and myself to get rid of my depression.
  3. I love to give emotional support to my friends. I love to help them to get rid of my depression.
  4. I don't compare my life with other people's life.
  5. I spend time with my friends who are very supportive and amazing.
  6. I spend less time online.
  7. I have deactivated all of my social media accounts.
  8. I don't have any expectation from anyone. I think that I don't have the right to get anything, whatever I get from life, that is bonus for me.
  9. I avoid stressful relationship.
  10. I love to write diary. Whenever I feel depressed,I write positive things in my diary.
  11. I watch different types of depression related videos in YouTube regularly.
  12. I run every morning when most of the people are sleeping. I feel better after running 1 km per day.
  13. I do physical exercise.
  14. I pray to God everyday from the core of my heart.
  15. I spend quality time with my parents.
  16. I try to keep myself busy with different types of activities.
  17. I don't think about those activities which is out of my control. I only try to improve those activities which is in my control.
  18. I read lots of self help books, fiction and non-fiction novels. So, these help me to get rid of depression.
  19. I don't chase money. I try to find happiness from small things.
  20. I love my parents. I try to give them gifts on different occasions. Their happiness touches my heart.
  21. Whenever I get depressed I spend time with children. Their smile and curiosity makes me happy.
  22. I am average guy doing a simple job. I keep myself busy to maintain my assigned responsibilities properly.
  23. I travel to beautiful places in my country. I feel the power of nature and it helps me to get rid of depression.
  24. I watch comedy movies every day and laugh out loudly. Sometimes my mother think that her son is going crazy.
  25. I believe that the world is perishable and whoever comes to this world surely has to go one day. So, I try to leave worries, stop depressing and feel happy.
  26. I do my work without worrying about its output. When we think about output, our performance may hamper and we will be disheartened and depressed. I just focus on the action, not the output.
  27. I always try to keep busy myself learning new things. Now I am trying to improve my spoken English. I practice in front of mirror, practice English with strangers and friends. People laugh at my English fluency, but I don't care. I just want to improve it.
  28. When I am severely depressed, I write online articles and Quora answers about my situation. I feel motivated to get support from Quorans.
  29. Now I don't worry about my physical appearance, height and limitations. I have accepted myself.
  30. I hate loneliness thus I keep myself busy and don't sit idly to get rid of depression. Thus, depression doesn't reach me. If it reaches, somehow, I know how to combat it.

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