66 Common Lies Men Always Tell Women - Every Woman Should Read This!

Hey guys! Today I’ll be highlighting some of the common lies men always tell women In this article . These are the 66 most common lies men tell women.

1. I hope we were alone in a room and I just keep staring at you for hours. (alone in a room but only stares, forget it)

2. You can stop loving me but you cannot stop me from loving you. (sounds cheesy)

3. You’re the first woman I have done this with.

4. You are the only woman I think about.

5. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

6. I cannot live without you.

7. I am single.

8. I want to take things slow.

9. I don’t know why she is texting me.

10. I don’t know her.

11. She is just a friend.

12. I would never lie to you.

13. This will be my last drink.

14. I was busy so I could not call you.

15. My battery died.

16. No, you don’t look fat.

17. Trust me, it’ll not happen again.

18. I am fine with it if you don’t want to do anything before marriage.

19. I like (whatever you like, we have so much in common)

20. I desperately need money ( trust me we never ask money from our beloved until we have tried every other possible borrowing option, and probably still not even)

21. I cannot commit, I want to be stable and get settled first.

22. I had other options but I chose you. (I want you to believe in the bullshit that I can get any girl I want but you are special)

23. I am leaving the bar in 5 mins / will be home in 5 mins.

24. I love you

25.   I love your mom/ father/brother/sister/ like my own

26. It won't hurt

27. Just 1 drink

28. I feel nausea if i see porn/ i don't see porn

29. Take your time to get ready

30. No, this dress doesn't make you look fat

31. I couldn't pick up as I was in a meeting / Didn't hear the bell on mobile.

32. My phone was dead [battery died]

33.  She is just a friend

34. I wasn't a flirt back in college / school / before marriage.

35. I never thought of her in that way

36. I find the stupid/ annoying things you do very cute.

37. Of course i would love to have your parents visit us for couple of months.

38. I have never thought of any other woman in a sexual way.

39. I never had so much fun with anyone in bed before.

40. No she is such a slut / mean girl [someone the girl hates but guy likes]

41. Of course I love shopping with you

42. I love your cat / dog [if the person isn't an animal lover]

43. You are the best I ever had.

44. I am on my way

45. I will be there in 5 mins.

46. Of course you are much better looking than that girl

47. I'll call you right back. 

48. I'll only call you tomorrow now

48. Can I call you right back ? I'm getting a work related call. 

49. I'm tired of hearing you rant.

50. Says this on a Monday : Let's go for a movie this weekend. 

51. I'm never gonna remember I said this

52. I didn't see your call. My phone was on silent. 

53.  Didn't feel like talking to you

54. We'll go shopping. 

55.  Oops, I hit the wrong chord

56. I'll surprise you on our anniversary. 

57. Basically, we'll just order in

58. You're my first. 

60. If I tell you about my past, you'll doubt me for everything

61. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life. 

62. I don't even have a count for this statement

63. I can't commit right now. I'm not yet settled. I've a long way to go still. I'm too young to get married. 

64. Basically I'm f****d up myself and can't handle both of us in that situation

65. She's only my friend. 

66. I've desperately tried to hit on her multiple times, but have been friend zoned for life

P.S : No offense to anyone. Just for fun!

Hope you love this? Do you know any other lies men always tell women that you think should be added to this list? Kindly comment below and share with friends...........

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