Can I Hit 10k Visitor To My Blog Without Advertising Just Doing SEO? - Bloggers Read This!

The answer to your question is YES YOU CAN.
Now that we have gotten that out the way the question is what time frame are you looking at.
A day, a week, month, year?
I used to think, “There’s millions of people on the Internet so it would be easy to get tons of people to my site(s). Then the light bulb went off in my head, “There’s also millions of websites”. Once you realize this you begin to understand getting traffic is not easy and you have to put in the work or the dollars depending on your time frame.
If your time frame is short you will need revenue for ads, there’s basically no way around this, but if your time frame is a little longer let’s say around a minimum of 6 months then it’s very feasible to achieve your goal.
You need to brush up on SEO and if you are running a WordPress site there are some great plugins to help you out and do most of the SEO for you e.g. Yoast SEO Plugin.
You also need to join as many social sites as you can and post content from your website. Nowadays traffic from social sites can increase your visitors dramatically.
Here is a short list of social sites that will aide you in your quest:
You can get some very nice traffic from social sites such as:
1. Reddit could send you so much traffic it will shut your site down if it's not ready for a surge of traffic, if you post something that goes viral.
2. Stumbleupon is another great source with reasonable inexpensive ads. This gets whatever your promoting in front of a lot of eyes.
3. Google Plus is a great source for providing traffic.
4. LinkedIn is a great source for Business and Professional content.
5. Facebook (try their Facebooks Ads they are pretty reasonable and you can get visitors for pennies).
6. Tumblr is also a great traffic medium. You can create a post and include several links back to your site. Their ads cost are for major players though.
7. Twitter is another good one for traffic.
One of my personal favorites is:
8. Pinterest
Pinterest consists of making theme boards and placing pins on them. For example if you are selling Red Shoes, you could make a board with pictures entirely of red shoes and people who search for red shoes will see your board and have a great time choosing which ones they want.
A surprising thing about Pinterest is a majority of the people on Pinterest are there to buy something. READY WILLING AND ABLE.
Listed below is an Example of one of our Pinterest boards to show posts setup and specific searchable theme that drives very good traffic to one of our non-commerce sites: You can see what attracts visitors by following the look, (size,shapes,colors,content) of these particular pins and apply them to your own content utilizing them as a foundational benchmark.
If you are looking for a major amount of traffic in a short amount of time then you need to advertise to get a kick start to your goal.
If you have a longer time goal then posting content to Social sites will help you in the long run.

Can I Hit 10k Visitor To My Blog Without Advertising Just Doing SEO? - Bloggers Read This! Can I Hit 10k Visitor To My Blog Without Advertising Just Doing SEO? - Bloggers Read This! Reviewed by Daniel Adewunmi Abai on January 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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