6 Ways to Create High-Quality Content That Generates Leads Continually

Content marketing is actually an effective strategy of generating more leads. This is why 89% of marketers are using content marketing in their organization.
You need something to attract people to buy from you. You can use valuable and informative content to attract quality leads.
But how do you create valuable content that will attract leads to your business?
I'm about to show you ways to create high-quality content that generates leads continually.Let’s have a look together….
1. Market research
Conducting a market research before you start a content marketing campaign for lead generation is a must. It helps you to understand and know your market segment. This is because you cannot sell to everyone. You need to focus on your target audience and promote your content to them.
2. Brainstorm content Ideas
The best content ideas that generate leads are those that provide answers to help your customer overcome a pain point. Your users will love to read such content because it solves their problems.
3. Write a well SEO optimized post
Creating quality content is not an easy task. This is why 43% of b2b marketers say that it takes too much time and they struggle with the process. However, it is something you have to do if you must generate quality and inexpensive leads for your business.
4. Publish and manage your content
Now that you have finished writing your blog post, it is time to publish it. Although it is not about the quantity of your blog posts, you need to write more and publish on your blog so that you can convert more visitors into leads. The Content Marketing Institute research survey revealed that 48% of B2C marketers and 42% of b2b marketers now publish content more frequently than once a week.
5. Retarget your audience
If you want to get even more leads, you can retarget those who read your content but did not convert. Retargeting is a process of creating ads that will follow your website visitors wherever they visit on the web.
6. Track your result
How will you know if your content marketing efforts are generating leads or not? You can know by tracking your result. Since the objective of this post is for you to use content marketing to generate leads just like 80% of marketers have done.
To track your content marketing effort for lead generation, you have to measure your customer lifetime value, social sharing, newsletter subscribers, email forwards, free content downloads (ebooks, reports), upsells and cross-sells.

Credits: Quora.com
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