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You’d like to learn how to drive women wild, eh? I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this question. Let’s get started.
Most people would say, “different women respond to different flirting and body language techniques”, which is true. However, here’s a general guideline to follow when it comes to getting women.
Each category of women requires a different type and amount of work to get her to take the next step. The higher up the ladder she is, the more obvious you can be with your tactics- and the closer she is to being yours.
The issue here is if you use the techniques the Difficult-to-Catch woman prefers, then your techniques will be too mild to appear on the Simple-to-Catch woman’s radar. Alternatively, if you use the techniques a Simple-to-Catch woman likes on a Difficult-to-Catch woman, then you’ll surely get rejected- and maybe even slapped! For example, the actions suggested by the top answerer, Jennifer Phan, are strictly for the Simple-to-Catch woman in a first meeting, and they would likely land you into a bit of trouble.
In my answer, I’ll give you a gist of the women in each category, followed by their favorite techniques.
Pro Tip: When looking for a woman, maintain “alpha” body language with everyone except the women you take interest in. There is plenty of information about this type of body language on Google. By doing this, not only will you make the women you communicate with feel special, but they will be more trusting towards you, and therefore, more willing to move up the ladder for you.
The Difficult-to-Catch Woman: These women are closed-off to men. There could be many reasons to this: perhaps they grew up religious or in a strict family, are particularly beautiful (and therefore, guarded), or are even preoccupied with their reputation. With these ladies, you cannot seem like you are trying to “get” with them at all. You have to maneuver your way in. In the club, these women aren’t usually there in the first place. But if they are, they’re either surrounded by women or hanging onto a friend for dear life. They are usually unresponsive to men’s over advances. If they are dancing, they’ll just swat the men away.
To catch one of these ladies, use this infallible technique I stumbled upon in Europe: The Downward Head Tilt. When looking at the woman, either sitting down or in passing, tilt your head 45 degrees downwards and 45 degrees to the side facing her, but maintain eye contact throughout. Remember to keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Add in a coy half smile, and voilà! The master of this move seems to be Hollywood’s favorite bachelor, Leonardo DiCaprio, who is infamous for dating strings of models. You can do this over, and over, and over again- it will never get old. And get this: If she purposefully averts her gaze and starts staring at the floor, or she turns beet red and starts blinking quickly, you’ve definitely won her attention.
In order to talk to these women in the first place, you need an excuse to slide in. Here are some ideas.
  1. Fake Boyfriend: Is the same POS pestering her on the dance floor? Try sliding in and telling him that you’re her boyfriend.
  2. Is she particularly quiet and having trouble ordering at the loud bar? Walk up and help her order with your loud man-voice. Do NOT touch her drink when it comes out- this can cause a serious misunderstanding.
  3. And my personal favorite- the Fake Wingman. Separate from your friend group, walk up to her, and tell her a friend of yours is interested in her in a very flirtatious way. Start a conversation- and she’ll forget all about the dorky guy who needed a wingman.
The Average Woman: These women are open to men but they are still reasonably guarded. I would say most women fall into this category. Many of these women are also very friendly. Unlike the Difficult-to-Catch woman, she can be comfortable communicating with you, even though she knows that you’re interested in her. This is the girl in the club who is comfortable talking to and innocently dancing with men, but is not afraid to reject men she does not have interest in or men who propose they dance, talk, or move on to more erotic activities she isn’t comfortable with yet.
Everyday women enjoy flirting, but they still have limits. These women just want to have a good conversation with an attractive man, but they also want to maintain their respect. Attempting something too overt too soon could make them feel disrespected and creeped out.
For these ladies, try various fun, but not sexual flirting techniques, such as:
  1. Maintain eye contact both across the room and in conversation. If her eyes meet yours from across the room, give her a sweet- not sexy- awkward smile!
  2. In conversation, quickly raise your eyebrows at her if she says something you agree with.
  3. When you stand up, stick your hands into your front pockets, and leave out the thumbs.
  4. When standing and sitting, keep the legs open wide. It is also particularly attractive to bend forward and place your elbows on your knees.
  5. Flash her a genuine smile when she says something you like or when she acts cute.
  6. Along with the open body language, when it comes to conversation, keep things clean and professional until a later date. Do be interested in her life, her philosophies, her day, etc. Compliments on philosophy, intellect, or general appearance are highly encouraged.
The Simple-to-Catch Woman: These women enjoy obvious flirting and touching from the get go. You can find these women overtly and constantly approaching men, talking, touching, and dancing with them. (Just because she approaches you first does not mean she’s Simple to Catch!)
For these ladies, don’t hold back! You want to be obvious with your body language.
  1. If you haven’t approached her yet, make eye contact, then squint your eyes and half smile.
  2. If you see her walking, lean against a wall and maintain eye contact. Add a half smile.
  3. Feel free to drape an arm around her when you sit down at a bar or club.
  4. When talking to her, be sure to maintain eye contact. Feel free to touch the small of her back, her arm, or her thigh, and pair it with a hearty laugh. (Unless she objects!)
  5. Guide her through the room by putting your hand on the small of her back.
  6. If you want to be even more bold- and haven’t yet approached- then stare at her from across the room. If she’s young, once you make eye contact, bite the side of your lip and wink. If she’s older, once you make eye contact, lick your lips and smirk. (Generational differences, my friend!)
  7. When you do talk to her, the conversation should not be entirely about sex. However, the occasional compliment or innuendo should suffice.
And there you have it. A true Ladies’ Man knows exactly how to tailor his body language and his technique to the lady he’s after- and now you can too.

Credits: Quora.com
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