As part of our commitment to making this platform effective, we've outlined these guidelines to better serve our authors, users, and publishers. To be qualified for publication on our site, you must apply these guidelines before you submit to our site.  We ask that you read this page first.

All content that is published on Tuural must be 100% exclusively owned by you
The content that is submitted CAN be published elsewhere
The content must provide real value to the reader beyond common sense tips and general information.
All contents must be informative. Informative contents are defined as written or non-written material that offers tips, strategies, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions, or commentary on topics within an area of expertise.
Must not be a private label rights (PLR) article or contain unattributed content to which the author does not have exclusive rights.
Must not contain negative content towards any product, company, individual, or group.
Must not contain profanity or pornographic material.
Must not contain illegal or overly controversial content.
Must not contain rehashed content, or material overly similar to your prior submissions.
Must not contain information that promotes unethical internet activities, business practices or anything that would create a poor user experience for web users.

All submissions should be forwarded to our email: tuuralfacts@gmail.com using the following formats;

Content Title
Content Body
Author name
Your website link

A positive user experience can only be obtained when your primary focus is to deliver quality, original content and articles. 

We reserve the right publish the submitted articles/content

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